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Quality Amish and Mennonite Food

WindWilloMixes-001full sized image

Wind Willow Party Mixes-Great for the Holidays!

Just mix the Wind Willow Party Mix with Cream Cheese and serve with crackers! Easy and Fast!

dairyfull sized image

We also carry a wide selection of Amish and Mennonite food products. Since these communities farm for a living, their produce and food products are fresh. They have, in many cases, the nearly-lost taste that comes from hand-made processes.

We have a tasty selection of fresh dairy products that we have shipped down regularly from the Amish and Mennonite Farming Country.

jarsfull sized image

We also carry a selection of home-canned fruits and vegetables. Many of our customers come back just to get more of these delicious items.

preservesfull sized image

If you like preserves, you can't do better than these hand-made products.

candiesfull sized image

The simple life isn't dull! These candies will convince you that it is possible to live simply and yet treat your taste buds!

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Amish Market in Fredericksburg, Texas

We sell food, gifts, and furniture manufactured exclusively by Amish and Mennonite Craftsmen